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Continuous Belt Furnaces & Ovens
Item #WideLongHighManufacturerHeatingMax. Temp.
518710"72"7"Abbott Belt Brazing (Atmos)Electric2150° F
518424"20'6"Thermal Basic Belt Line (Atmos) (1993)Natural Gas1700° F
518824"12'18"GruenbergElectric450° F
517532"288"12"Oven Systems Inc. (OSI)Natural Gas450° F
516148"50'12"AFC Pusher Line (Atmos)Natural Gas1850 °F
517160"42'14"Wellman (Roller Hearth)Electric1650° F
518960"30'10"Sherwood Industries (1985)Natural Gas500° F
517060"42'14"General Electric (Roller Hearth)Electric1650° F

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