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Box Furnaces
Item #WideLongHighManufacturerHeatingMax. Temp.
14336"12"6"SentryElectric2500° F
140912"24"10"LindbergElectric2000 ° F
142812"24"12"LuciferNatural Gas2300° F
137612"24"12"Hevi-DutyElectric1950 °F
141012"24"10"LindbergElectric2500 °F
137712"24"12"Hevi-DutyElectric1950 °F
142712"24"12"LuciferNatural Gas2300° F
127913"24"12"Electra (Up/Down)Electric2000 °F
132917"14.5"12"L&L Furnace Company (New)Electric2350 °F
140518"36"18"LindbergElectric2,500° F
139318"36"18"L & L Retort (Atmos.)Electric2000° F
140018"36"18"LindbergElectric1800 °F
139618"30"13"Hevi-DutyElectric1850 °F
143118"36"18"Lindberg/Hevi DutyElectric2000 F.
139820"48"12"HoskinsElectric2000 °F
137936"72"42"Eisenmann Car Bottom KilnNatural Gas3100 °F
141960"216"48"IFSI (Car Bottom Shuttle)Natural Gas2400° F
142260"156"60"Lindberg (Car Bottom)Natural Gas1850° F
2046696"360"48"Sauder Car BottomElectric1400° F
1371126"420"72"Drever "Lift-Off" (Atmosphere)Natural Gas1650° F
1370126"420"72"Drever "Lift-Off" (Atmosphere)Natural Gas1650 °F

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